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KHR 333 Spoiler [Do not read if you don’t want to know]

After translating and reading KHR 333 I can say that there’ll be some awesome chapters afterwards. Basically in this chapter, the Vindice arrive surprising Enma, Tsuna and crew. Before they take away the loser however, they show them another part … Continue reading

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Oh damn…

Okay. So I’m slightly/very pissed with my harddrive right now. One way or another it managed to screw it self up and randomly replicated everything I had on there before this morning. After doing today’s work, moving stuff onto it … Continue reading

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Infinite Stratos 10: Pictures say all.

First time trying out this new method, hope you liked it~

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KHR 329 Chinese

KHR 329 IS OUT!!!! In chinese -.- My usual provider hasn’t given me the raws yet so I’ve been trying my best to read the chinese one, but my chinese vocabulary is very small so I could only just make … Continue reading

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