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Exam Week

Sorry guys, I’m going to stop blogging for a week or so because I need to study for quite a few exams as well as complete some assignments. After it’s all finished, I’ll start again ^^ Sorry for the troubles … Continue reading

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Bad connection

Seems like my anime downloading has crashed my internet connection =.=” Oh well…I guess no more new anime’s or games for 1 month 😦 Sorry if I update slowly, my internet is REALLY laggy -.-

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Oh damn…

Okay. So I’m slightly/very pissed with my harddrive right now. One way or another it managed to screw it self up and randomly replicated everything I had on there before this morning. After doing today’s work, moving stuff onto it … Continue reading

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Numero 1

Hi there, So I’ve decided that instead of using 3 different blogs, I’ll just combine them into one. So I’ll be putting my random sucky art, game reviews and life stuff all in here. So enjoy, this time I’ll tag … Continue reading

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