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Ao no Exorcist 7

Ao no Exorcist 7 – Flock of Plovers The episode starts of with Shiemi, leaving for school. Her mother asks her whether she’s made any friends and Shiemi answers yes, even though she remembers that Rin said she wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Ao no Exorcist 6

Episode 6 – “The Phantom Cook” Woohoo~ Another episode into Ao no Exorcist and it’s still as awesome as ever. Now then back to the actual episode plot. This was a cute episode generally about things to do with food. … Continue reading

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Deadman Wonderland 6

Episode 6 “Hummingbird” I’m not a particularly big fan of Deadman Wonderland anymore, but I still watch it because it’s at least interesting. This episode was slightly boring though in my opinion, it was overfilled with sadism which annoys me. … Continue reading

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Hanasaku Iroha & C

I’ve decided to add 2 more anime to my review list. C: Money of Soul and Possibility of Control and Hanasaku Iroha. My reasons behind this is just that I found these 2 animes quite interesting and I’ve started to watch … Continue reading

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Back to Black

Hi guys, it’s been quite a long time since my last post! (Or not) Anyhow, I’m still cramming work and stuff but I shall restart reviewing animes 🙂 They’ll come up a bit slower but THEY WILL COME! Hope you … Continue reading

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Best Shounen & Shoujo Manga List Compiling

A few days ago I decided to compile a list of the best shounen and shoujo mangas, based on opinions from several forums, my friends and of course, my own opinion. All of the opinions are still coming in, but … Continue reading

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Bleach 319

Quick summary only. Basically Ichigo and Rukia find out about Kujo Nozomi, and then decide to go back to the real world. There are reigais of Byakuya, Hisagi, Renji, Hitsugaya and Ikkaku guarding the Seikaimon. Yoruichi stays behind to stop … Continue reading

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