Ao no Exorcist 7


Ao no Exorcist 7 – Flock of Plovers

The episode starts of with Shiemi, leaving for school. Her mother asks her whether she’s made any friends and Shiemi answers yes, even though she remembers that Rin said she wasn’t a friend when Bon asked him. So she resolves herself to make new friends. On the way to class she meets Izumo and Paku, who she hopes to be friends with, but Izumo says that she can be her friend as long as she helps her do things.

In class Yukio tells them that they’ll be submitting a form so that they can become an Exwire, which is the next level. Rin doesn’t know what the categories are so he goes and asks Bon’s group. Konekomaru explains to him what they are and their specialties (well Bon does that). We find out Koneko and Shima are aiming for Aria and Bon for Dragoon and Aria. It’s also mentioned that Yukio has both Dragoon and Doctor.

Later on they’re in summoning class or something and they’re given papers to test whether they have Tamer abilities or not. Turns out Izumo and Shiemi do but one has 2 kitsune (fox) and the other has a Greeman Spirit.

Training camp time, they go to Rin and Yukio’s dorm to cram their studies. One thing leads to another and a ghoul attacks Paku and Izumo in the girl’s changing rooms. Rin rushes to help but since he can’t draw his sword in front of people, he’s fighting a losing battle. Meanwhile Shiemi uses her summon, Nii-chan’s abilities to summon all kinds of plants, to give Paku first aid. All while Izumo is speechless.

Yukio comes just as Rin is about to draw his sword, so it was a close call. The ghoul runs and the guys all hurry to tend to Paku. As Rin’s leaving, he sees Izumo hiding behind the lockers crying and saying she doesn’t want people to see her like that. Rin gives her his shirt and walks off.

Later on we see that it was their summoning class’ teacher who sent the ghoul. We also get to see a funny scene of Rin trying to hid his tail, which is usually hidden by his shirt.

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