Deadman Wonderland 6


Episode 6 “Hummingbird”

I’m not a particularly big fan of Deadman Wonderland anymore, but I still watch it because it’s at least interesting. This episode was slightly boring though in my opinion, it was overfilled with sadism which annoys me.

Basically Takumi Minatsuki is introduced in this episode. Ganta first meets her when she’s pretending to be a meek little girl who’s trying to protect her flowers from another Deadman. One thing leads to another, before long Ganta’s pities her fake story and tries to help her escape. Clearly it doesn’t work.

Before long it’s time for Carnival Corpse (which is where two Deadman fight each other), it’s Woodpecker (Ganta) Vs. Hummingbird (Minatsuki). Ganta’s all “I don’t want to fight you” but Minatsuki reveals her true nature. Typically a sadist who loves hurting people. Her Branch of Sin is called

We find out that Yoh is actually her older brother. At first she puts on her nice girl facade in front of him, but Yoh already knows the truth. So she decides he isn’t needed either so she attempts to kill him along with Ganta. However Ganta somehow prevails (like all main characters do) and saves Yoh and wins. With guess what? Yes people, a headbutt! -…-

Hopefully the next episode will be more entertaining, although…I was watching this on the bus and when the preview for the next episode came up, I had to snap shut my laptop lid. Lol. I’ll just go and review Ao no Exorcist now, which is so much more awesome 🙂

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