Ao no Exorcist 6


Episode 6 – “The Phantom Cook”

Woohoo~ Another episode into Ao no Exorcist and it’s still as awesome as ever. Now then back to the actual episode plot.

This was a cute episode generally about things to do with food. Lunch in particular. Basically, unknowing to both Rin and Yukio, there’s a familiar who works as their dorm cook by the name of Ukobach.

The episode starts off with Rin being late for school (well breakfast more like) and blaming Yukioi for it. It’s a quick scene but it’s kinda cute to see Rin’s actual akuma form once in a while. Before long, it’s lunchtime and Rin charges towards the “school shop” where there’s one last sandwich. Incidentally Suguru wants the same one, they have a quick fight but Rin quickly abandons the fight when he finds out the bald guy (no offence) is called Konekomaru. Meanwhile Yukio’s female classmates have made him obentos (lunchboxes) but he quickly makes an excuse and leaves.

Yukio accidentally drags them into the canteen where Rin immediately falls in love with all the varieties of food on offer there. However when he sees the price, he is in utter shock. Yukio explains to him that because it’s a school for rich kids, the food is more expensive. Together they go see the headmaster/their guardian, Mephisto. Mephisto simply claims that the food there have to be first-class so they can enjoy the delights of food. While he eats cup noodles (lol). He gives them 2000 yen to live on for a whole month angering Rin.

Yukio comes up with the idea for Rin to cook their food, since Rin is such an excellent cook. I’m actually quite surprised by that but hey, it’s an interesting trait. So just as Rin prepares the side dishes for their lunch tomorrow, he finds them missing in the morning and kick-tackles Yukio thinking it’s him. However they soon realise that they don’t actually know who cooks their breakfast everyday. They then hear some chopping noises and find Mephisto in the dorm kitchen, cooking their breakfast.

Mephisto explains the situation about Ukobach while making them eat their food. Rin gets brave and drinks the whole thing. Consequences occur.

Rin and Ukobach have a cooking battle leading them to become good friends as they both appreciated each other’s food.

Major time skip later, Yukio’s classmates/annoying fangirls trespass into the boy’s dorm to find Ukobach’s prepared side dishes, which they thought were Shiemi’s (who they thought was Yukio’s girlfriend). Anyhow they dispose of it which somehow makes Ukobach turn into a huge version of himself. Rin reasons with him, and we get a peak at a Chibi-Rin in the process.

In the end, this problem was solved by having Yukio eat all the lunchboxes the girls made. This makes him sick and forces him to stay home. In the end Rin is shown bring another lunchbox filled with meat for Yukio, who decides that he’s now scared of lunchboxes.

Now then let’s all look forward to next week’s episode! 8D

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2 Responses to Ao no Exorcist 6

  1. tomphile says:

    Hm, the pictures don’t seem to work, but anyways, this was a tasteless episode. Why go through all the trouble of putting Rin in a esteemed school, to make him cook when he could be killing Satan.

    • Airisa says:

      Typically for anyone who hasn’t read the manga, it gives them an idea of Rin’s personality. Since I’ve read the manga and all it was just there for a little laugh

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