Ao no Exorcist 2

The first few seconds were quite suggestive, that it’d be a sad episode that is. I think that the lonely swings in animes all seem to give me that kind of idea.

Anyhow it starts off with a quick flashback to Rin’s childhood, with him saying that he knew he wasn’t ‘good’ from the beginning. With that it quickly switches to the present where it he’s on some kind of…akuma hunt with Father Fujimoto. However, Rin and Father have some kind of disagreement which leaves Rin to tell him to stop acting like he was his father.

After quite a bit of time, akumas come and attack the church. Father Fujimoto shows and gives Rin the demon slaying sword, Kurikara. He tells him that he must never draw it for it’ll draw out his demon powers. After a bit of fighting, Father gets possessed by no other than…Satan, who tries to talk Rin into joining him. Rin refuses and since Father Fujimoto’s body isn’t compatible with Satan, it’s quickly broken down (?). After seeing the sight of Father Fujimoto dead, Rin goes slightly berserk and draws his sword. A huge blue flame bursts out.

His demon form (above)

Anyhow, his transformation causes large scale destruction to the church and he didn’t end up saving Father. He quickly gets upset and mourns. Yukio then appears amidst the rubble and sees the awful sight in front of him.

It soon moves to a funeral scene where all the church members and Yukio are attending. Afterwards, Rin is seen standing in front of Father Fujimoto’s grave with a phone in his hand. Apparently Father told him to call the only number on that phone as soon as he leaves the church, and that person will protect him. However when he dials it, it’s picked up by no other than Mephisto, who is bizarre in my opinion. Anyhow, he gives Rin two to three options (all are him dying in some way) but Rin surprises him by saying he wants to become an Exorcist.

With a lot of hesitation Mephisto agrees and shows him to the academy. Strangely (kinda) Yukio goes with him.

I’ve read/am reading the manga so I know what’s happening but it’s still awesome to see it *w*

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