Bleach 318

This episode was quite confusing so to say, and I guess it kinda reveals how confusing the whole arc may be.

Basically in Soul Society, Ichigo is detained under suspicious circumstances which he only later found out. However Rukia quickly goes and busts him out.

They didn’t get very far until they meet with Renji and Ikkaku. They tell Ichigo that his Shinigami Representative Badge (which got eaten by the ‘cleaner’) was found at the scene where Captain Kurotsuchi disappeared, days ago. Ichigo denies this, saying that they only arrived in Soul Society yesterday. Ichigo goes on further, asking whether they are accusing him of what happened to Mayuri. Rukia starts to understand, stating that he is being framed by the real mastermind.

The four engage in a battle (Ichigo vs Ikkaku, Rukia vs Renji). Both Renji and Ikkaku are strangely serious about fighting and not letting them go. At this stage for me, I thought it was slightly suspicious as Renji used to be so protective of Rukia. Even though Rukia and Ichigo insists that there’s no reason to fight, the other two are dead serious. Rukia is struggling against Renji while Ichigo goes Bankai against Ikkaku, but due to his loss of reiryoku, he gets a headache.

Just as it seems they’re doomed. Dun dun dun! Yoruichi arrives! She traps Renji and Ikkaku in a Bakudo and rushes off with Rukia and Ichigo.

They soon arrive at Yoruichi’s hideout (or so I call it) and she tells them that the two they just fought weren’t the real Renji and Ikkaku. Ichigo’s first impression was “Yeah” but it quickly changed into surprise. Yoruichi then explains that they were actually Reigai which are the Soul Society version of Gigai. It seems that they have very similar powers to those who they are based from (Reigai can use zanpuktos which are meant to be unique to its user). Yoruichi tells them that it is probably someone in 12th squad’s doing.

This triggers Ichigo to immediately head towards 12th squad with Rukia on his tail. Yoruichi goes to create a diversion for them to get in. When inside 12th Squad barracks, Rukia knocks repeatedly on the door of Hiyosu’s office, who comes to the door. He asks who is there, before being knocked backwards by a Kido spell from Rukia, who apologizes. She immediately goes to the computer, and examines the images from the Dangai, and they recognize the girl from Ichigo’s room, in which they realise she is wanted by the Soul Society.

There’s also scenes where Kyoraku and Ukitake are wondering why Ichigo is implicated in the events, recounting Byakuya’s discovery of Ichigo’s Substitute Shinigami badge in the Dangai. They are approached by a messenger, who informs them that Ichigo has escaped from prison. Later, Kyoraku is approached by Byakuya, and he thanks the 6th Division captain for all his help.

Back in the Human World, Kon offers the girl something to eat, but she refuses to respond. Kon retorts, calling her a deaf idiot, to which she throws the pillow at him again, causing great pain on Kon’s half. She asks him where she is, and he responds that she is in Karakura Town. She once again refuses to tell Kon about her, and calls him an idiot. His argument is interrupted by Yuzu, who enters the room, to see Kon resting in bed. She tells him that he’d better hurry, or he’ll be late for school. He sighs in relief, when the girl calls him a perverted freak, and emerges from under the covers.

Meanwhile, at Karakura Clinic, someone knocks on the door, to which Kon opens to Inaba, Izuru and Nanao. Inaba asks him whether he is Ichigo’s Soul Candy, to which he confirms this. Nanao informs them that they are searching for a Shinigami named Nozomi Kujo, whilst Inaba approaches him, with an angry/weird/gay face.

Nozomi Kujo.png
Kujo Nozomi

Kon gets freaked out, and runs off upstairs. He finds Nozomi attempting to jump out of the window, and is pursued by Izuru and Nanao. Kon frantically runs down the stairs, and pursues them onto the street, whereupon Nozomi uses Tenran to dispose of the Shinigami. She finds herself in an abandoned engineering plant, where Kon approaches her, but is subdued by Inaba, who pins him to a nearby wall.

Inaba approaches the girl, telling her that her struggles were meaningless, that it was pointless to escape. He then prods her with his cane, causing her to collapse. Izuru and Nanao apologize to him, but he says that it is okay. Inaba tells them to get rid of Kon, as he is just a useless Soul Candy. However Uryu interrupts, telling him that he has a bad habit.

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