KHR 333 Spoiler [Do not read if you don’t want to know]

After translating and reading KHR 333 I can say that there’ll be some awesome chapters afterwards.

Basically in this chapter, the Vindice arrive surprising Enma, Tsuna and crew. Before they take away the loser however, they show them another part of the ‘memory’. It comes in the form or a transparent pacifier, which makes Reborn alert. When they see the memory, it shows Kozart telling Giotto and G that he wants to disappear from history. Giotto protests but eventually agrees. Then the Vindice comes (in the memory). Memory ends. Reborn asks the Vindice why they have that pacifier quite angrily. At the end we see Mukuro and Daemon crossing staffs/weapons.

Finally we see Mukuro and Daemon’s fight! It’s going to be awesome *w*

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