New Otome Games Part 1 – Amnesia

During my downtime today I looked around for some new games to play. I happened upon quite a few awesome looking ones which I want *w* Yes they’re all Otome. Since the site I went to mostly stocks up information on the otome genre xD

No. 1:

Title: Amnesia 「アムネシア」

Plot: I translated it roughly, since I’m not exactly perfect with Kanji.

“This is a story in a fictional town, in a fictional land, in a fictional world.

It starts on August 1.
The heroine wakes up in the morning to find her memories from before that day ALL gone…
How she lived her life, what kind of relationships she had with people, all blank like a white paper.

A boy who introduced himself as Orion appeared in front of her.
She struggled to collect her memories, depending on Orion’s light.
When she decided to search about her daily life first, a cellphone that seems to be hers informed a received call.

—Displayed in the monitor is as expected, an “unknown” name—

The meeting with “him” who seems to be her “lover”, whose name and face is unknown to her.
She doesn’t know who she can trust, so she decides not to tell anyone about her memory loss.
Thereby the story starts to unfold complicatedly.

The heroine who doesn’t have any memories with “him”, will get a new love story from this day.”

Characters (aside from the playable character):

Main: Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma, Orion (I haven’t had time to read character profiles yet.)

Supporting: Sawa, Mine



I think he looks the best out the guys. Main main guy.


Maybe it’s just me but I can almost say that he’s a sadist xD


The serious looking guy. But what’s with the clothes?


I think I’ll try his path first. Lol.

Overall thoughts:

I think that the plot itself is quite weird but it’s a game. Anything can happen. If this was real life it could probably never happen. The system this time doesn’t seem that complicated. You choose your ‘boyfriend’ at the beginning and as you go along their route you’ll meet the other guys. The graphics are awesome too so I guess it’s a must-play 😉

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5 Responses to New Otome Games Part 1 – Amnesia

  1. Janzee says:

    Can I download this for free online? For Windows XP?

    • Airisa says:

      I don’t think so. At least not yet. Usually you might be able to download a comp version (which you have to play with an emulator) after at least 8 months.

      Try finding a PSP emulator that works with XP first 🙂

  2. Mitch says:

    Is it english? Please and thank you in advance C:

  3. Miranda says:

    Are they going to make a English version looks interesting or can at least some make the game english sub because japanese is hard to learn… °3° and i like the last picture of that guys whats his name?! (°////°)

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