Bleach 316 = <3


Okay fine, not that much but it was a cool episode. I guess the writers decided to do a little fan service for Hitsugaya x Karin fans. Although I’m not one, I still thought it was pretty cute though rather weird.

Basically Hitsugaya takes a break from his shinigami work. Where does he go? To play soccer with Karin in the real world. Odd ehh? While they’re going home, well Hitsugaya is, Karin’s just following him, they meet a friend of Hitsugaya, Grandma Haru. It turns out he met him on his previous time being stationed in the real world.

It turns out Grandma Haru can see spirits, which is why her house is filled with them. Including the spirit of a boy named Yousuke, who has a whole soul chain. [Basically when the chain disappears spirits turn into Hollows]

From there, what happens is just Grandma Haru collapses and Yousuke turns into a Hollow.

Sorry to wrap it up suddenly but have to finish some work urgently.

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