Fudge Sticks

Okay so 5 minutes into ep 1 of Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai…I can’t bear it anymore. I dislike it’s slightly/overly *cough*pervy*cough* themes. I’m dropping it. I can’t even watch 5 minutes, that’s a record XD

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2 Responses to Fudge Sticks

  1. Sick says:

    Ah, you should give it another shot. But this time watch it under the impression of “It’s not serious and is meant to be a parody.” When you do that, there’s tons of things in it where the show seems to be making fun of itself and how nonsensical the genre can be. I’ve fallen in love with Tsubasa wa nai but I think I’d hate it if I approached like it was trying to be some super serious harem.

    • Airisa says:

      That’s true, maybe I’ll have a look over it again later on. Since I guess the first impression it gave me wasn’t very good.

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