Holy Sheep! Final Episode Mania

The first thing I see today when I get to my usual anime watching site.

Axis Powers Hetalia 101 [Final] *Shock*

SRWOG: The Inspector 26 [Final] Okay I knew this before but still.

Bakuman 25 [Final] *Dies*

It really wasn’t that shocking, but still so many of my favourite/liked animes ended. I haven’t had time to review SRWOG: The Inspector 26, since I only rushed through the raw version. It’s a bit quick to say but this episode is filled with cheesy attack names XD

Anyhow, Stein:Gate 1 came out today which I will watch soon. As well as a strange looking anime called Tiger and Bunny. I had a quick look at it and the animation was fairly good but I don’t really understand the storyline (yet). I’m still deciding whether or not to watch it.

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