IS: Infinite Stratos 12 [Final]

First off the girl with the long silver hair reminded me so much of Kanade from Angel Beats. Even the voice *_* (I’ll confirm this later on)

Silver Haired with Ichika

While Ichika’s in this ‘dream world’, the girls are outside fighting the unknown. Houki manages to land a blow on the white thing (which I’m going to call the Unknown*). As soon as it falls into the ocean we go back to Ichika’s side.

The blue scenery turns into an orangey one with a figure standing in the sunset.

Figure in the Sunset

Then it switches back for a second or so to the girls where the ‘Unknown’ re-appears from the ocean and goes into ‘Second Shift’. It switches back to Ichika and the figure continues asking Ichika if he wants power. He says yes. The figure asks why. He answers that he wants it to protect his friends. I’d say the figure acknowledged it and the scenery turns blue again, the silver haired girl tells him to go.

Meanwhile the girls are getting pawned by the Unknown. Houki keeps thinking that she wants to see ‘him’ and when she opens her eyes, Ichika’s there. She’s shocked that his there despite all his injuries but he insists that he’ll be fighting with them.

From there, he’s in Byakushiki’s Second Shift ‘Setsura’ and they begin fighting. It soon turns out that Akatsubaki’s one-off ability is to restore its own energy. However Ichika’s only 10% energy by then. So Houki gives half of her revived energy to Ichika and they take down the thing!

All’s well ends well they say, but this isn’t the end. We get a scene with Chifuyu and Tabane. What I got out of this scene was that the one behind the Unknown was ‘The Genius who hacked 12 nations’ systems’, aka Tabane. It turns out that it was to give Houki a great debut. It seemed that Ichika finding an IS wasn’t coincidence but Tabane somehow planned it. Before mysteriously disappearing she asks Chifuyu whether she thought the world now was fun. Chifuyu says yes after a while but turns to find Tabane already gone.

Meanwhile Houki and Ichika are having a romantic moment by the ocean when the other girls find them. All hell break loose. Lol.

So after finishing the episode, I agree with my friend, the ending was crap. Let’s hope there’s a season 2 to make up for the cheesy ending.


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