Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspector

Okay so yesterday, I finally started watching SRT. I’m only up to episode 7 so I can’t really give an overview or anything but all I can say is. It is one messy anime. XD

By the second episode I was majorly confused but I actually got what was going on by the third episode! It’s actually quite a good anime aside from the fact that there are some of ‘those’ scenes. Plot wise, it is confusing but I’m kind of getting the idea that it’s about two warring sides…with ‘super’ robots, aliens and supernatural beings. There’s a tinsy bit too much side action which are in relation to the main plot.

The character designs are quite nice, and there are a variety of different personalities. However I think that there are way too many ‘main’ characters which we have to keep in mind and remember in order to fully understand what is happening. I’d say so far, 2 major characters are added every episode, on average.

I’m glad that it isn’t all serious and even in battle there are funny times xD E.g. Kyousuke’s Ultimate Genspenst Kick!!!

Anyways I should be concentrating on my homework so I’ll update later!~

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