Bleach 313

Sorry for the late update!~ I didn’t get to post a blog up about this yesterday coz I was busy cramming science. So here it is now.

Strangely I actually enjoyed this filler episode, the content was a bit random but oh well fillers tend to be like that. This one was focused on 11th squad, and of course Ichigo and Renji.

It’s an episode based around the hidden friendship of Ikkaku and one of the members of 11th Squad, Seizo. The two of them use to be rivals very long ago, both had exceptional sword skills but Seizo would always lose although he never gave up. He has very less spiritual power but we later find out that it’s because he protected Ikkaku from a hollow which ate spiritual power.

Throughout this episode we watch as Ichigo helps Seizo rediscover himself through different challenges and proving to him that even with little spiritual power he can still fight as well as he could back then. In the end he ‘returns’ to his old self with Ikkaku’s somewhat heartwarming quote “It’s not me who’s returned. You have returned.” However Seizo leaves but he is sent off by with an honour to his name.


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