KHR 329 Review

The chapter starts off a little bit gruesome, personally I don’t like how Amano-sensei is drawing the Enma and the ‘evolved’ Shimon ring, it resembles a big bug -.- Anyways, Daemon returns to the castle (as Julie) and tells Enma that Kaoru and Adelheid were defeated by the Vongola. This results in Enma hating Tsuna/the Vongola more and throwing off the gravity in the room (He can control gravity).

We soon switch to a scene with Daemon and Chrome, Daemon releases Chrome from his control and asks her to get Mukuro. But she refuses, so he tortures her a little but Mukuro very quickly comes along (to save the day xD Jks). From there, it seems like an exciting battle between the 2 illusionists will begin.

Meanwhile, Tsuna and his crew arrive at the base of the Shimon castle. Dun dun dun!

Read at MS:

I’m just happy Mukuro appeared again, after so long XD

Mood: Zombie

Music: Obelisk – Sheryl Nome / May’n

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