Arata Kangatari 90

At the end of the last chapter we find out that Teko and Arata have swapped bodies, in this chapter it’s takes on a funny side to it. We start of with Teko (in Arata’s body) randomly hugging Mikusa and Rami, leaving everyone shocked.

They quickly arrive at an oasis and the girls go off to take a bath while the guys talk about how to make their next move. Kannagi hints that Arata isn’t himself as he keeps on sleeping (it’s actually Teko). Meanwhile Arata (in Teko’s body) accidentally walks in on the girls having a bath, however he is quickly taken aside by Kotoha (who doesn’t know it’s Arata). Kotoha hugs him (Arata in Teko form) and says that she really likes him, and talks about her talk with the other Arata. At the end of the chapter there’s a caption saying that Arata might actually want to stay in Teko’s body.

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