Arata Kangatari 88

Arata Kangatari chapter 88, 89 and 90 came out all in one go but I only have time to review 88 at the moment.

Chapter 88

This chapter just had a quick conversation between Arata (the one from the modern world) and Kotoha, with Kotoha maybe coming to realise she likes this ‘Arata’ more. Slight cheesiness here but it was relevant. The group also accepted a new member, a shou at that, though he’s Kamui makes people sleep from the looks of it.

(Yes at least Kanna-chan’s happy with it xD)

It ends with a scene revealing a new Shinshou who (once again) wants the HimeOu dead.

Sorry for the overly brief review, I’m short on time right now. >_<

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