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KHR Fanfiction…

I just realised that my account was still there xD and so were my published stories. Personally I know I suck at writing and back then, I didn’t even read over them. Oh well it was fun…here’s just a … Continue reading

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Cuz Pixiv is Awesome

Pretty picture to fill in my posting gap >.< User Link:

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Over the Night Sky

I’m currently in love with this song *w*

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New Sig~

Squeezed in a little time to make a new signature. It’s not perfect but I only spent 10 minutes on it.

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Infinite Stratos 11

YESH! The long awaited episode 11 is finally out. IS only has 12 episodes so this is the last episode >.< Link:

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Starry Sky 14

Yay~ Starry Sky 14 is out! It’s the second episode of Suzuya :3 I’m overly busy so I won’t be updating for a week or so, but I shall put this up first. Link: Enjoy~

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Hitman Reborn 329

IES finally released KHR!~ Enjoy :3 Download Link:

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